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PEGAS CEGH products
PEGAS CEGH products
Transparent Trading with First-Class Service
Central European Gas Hub - the leading gas hub in Central Europe with an excellent geographical position
Friday, November 25, 2016

Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH), located in Vienna, Austria, is the leading hub for gas trading in Central and Eastern Europe. As the operator of the Virtual Trading Point, CEGH opens international gas traders a gateway for trading in the entry/exit zone of the Austrian market. In 2015, CEGH achieved a total trading volume of 478.3 TWh of natural gas at the OTC Market and 26.5 TWh at the Gas Exchange. Thanks to this excellent development CEGH takes the lead among the gas hubs in CEE.

CEGH functions as a cross regional balancing platform by offering trading activities and services for different markets:

  • CEGH OTC (over-the-counter) Market
  • PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange products offered via the pan-european PEGAS platform
  • CEGH Czech Gas Exchange in cooperation with PXE (Spot and Futures Market)


The unique combination of OTC-services and exchange products turns CEGH into a one-stop-shop for gas traders and makes it the leading gas hub in Central and Eastern Europe. CEGH’s key success factors are its reliability, flexibility and outperforming customized technology combined with its knowledge of the liberalized gas markets.

CEGH is a dynamic company that adapts its business activities to the special needs of its customers and the fast moving market. Our goal is to continually extend our product range to make high-class gas trading for our members easier and more attractive.