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CEGH new General Terms and Conditions (GTC´s)

due to the cooperation of CEGH and Powernext regarding the new PEGAS CEGH gas markets, CEGH adapts its General Terms and Conditions.

The changes concern the following:

  • Termination of the cooperation of the CEGH Gas Exchange with Wiener Boerse (Vienna Stock Exchange) and the launch of the PEGAS CEGH gas markets
  • Adjustment of the nomination formats (deletion of MSCONS format)

    The changes will enter into force upon closure of the CEGH Gas Exchange of Wiener Boerse and the launch of the PEGAS CEGH markets at the PEGAS platform.

General Terms and Conditions (valid after the launch of the PEGAS CEGH market): 

German version:
 Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
 Anhang B Betriebsabläufe
 Anhang C Tarif- und Gebührenverzeichnis
 Anhang D Bankgarantie

English version (convenience translation only; legally not binding):
 General Terms and Conditions
 Appendix B Operating Procedures
 Appendix C Tariff and Fee Schedule
 Appendix D Bank Guarantee


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