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Consultation CEGH GTCs

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CEGH´s key success factors are reliability, flexibility and outperforming customized technology

Consultation on CEGH GTC´s

Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH) hereby invites its members to provide feedback to the planned changes of its General Terms and Conditions (GTCs).
The changes concern, apart from editorial / language adaptations, inter alia the following:

1. Reduction of the Title Transfer Fee from currently 0.011 EUR/MWh resp. 0.005 EUR/MWh to 0.010 EUR/MWh resp. 0.005 EUR/MWh;

2. Adaptation of operative parameters due to changes in the Market Rules (SOMA), e.g.:
 - Reduction of Lead Times from 2h to 1h
 - Deletion of Nomination Format KissA and Response Message DATA_QUIT

3. Amendment of Data Protection Clause.

You can find the amended GTCs, in both English and German language version, for download here: 

German Version
English Version

We kindly ask our members to send us any feedback until Wednesday, 11 July 2018 by e-mail to

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