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Excellent Gas Trading in the heart of Europe

Fee Overview CEGH OTC Market

CEGH New OTC Fee Model

The launch of the new Austrian Gas Market Model in January 2013 has brought a lot of changes for gas trading at the Central European Gas Hub (CEGH). An entry/exit-system with the establishment of the Virtual Trading Point (VTP) made trading more convenient for our customers. Traded volumes at CEGH developed excellently, with an all-time high of monthly net traded volume of 51.79 TWh in October 2013.

Following a public market consultation, CEGH will adopt its General Terms and Conditions and implement a revised fee schedule for its OTC Title Transfer Services:
The Title Transfer Fees will be generally reduced (0.012 €/MWh up to 10 Million MWh, and 0.006 €/MWh for traded volumes exceeding 10 Million MWh). The monthly flat fee will include a free trading volume of 21,900 MWh per calendar month. The reduced Title Transfer Fees will be applicable as of 1 April 2014

New fee model by 1 April 2014:

One-off CEGH OTC registration fee 1,000
Flat title transfer service fee € p.m. 1,000
(only in months with trading, incl. 21,900 MWh free trading volume per month active)
Variable title transfer service fee    
MWh 0 – 10,000,000.000* €/MWh 0.012
MWh > 10,000,000.000* €/MWh 0.006

*) of total aggregated volume during each full 12 month period

The new fee model is implemented in Appendix C of the CEGH General Terms and Conditions.
Additionally CEGH has updated provisions on delivery of invoices (which can now be sent via post / fax / e-mail)


Download: Appendix C

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