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2022 with new record volumes at the EEX CEGH Gas Exchange in AT and CZ

  • In 2022, traded volumes of natural gas on the EEX CEGH Market Austria increased to 425.3 TWh, that’s a plus of 84% compared to 2021

  • EEX CEGH Czech Gas Exchange Market with a new all-time high of 50.6 TWh – that is an increase of 79% compared to 2021!

  • 633.3 TWh were nominated at the CEGH-VTP (Virtual Trading Point) in 2022.


CEGH GreenGas Platform:

CEGH launched, as one of the first players on the gas market, the CEGH GreenGas Platform in April 2022. It is the first platform to support the decarbonization of the gas markets by providing trading possibilities for Green Gases. It will be a marketplace for biogas supply and demand as well as for green hydrogen, once green hydrogen becomes available on the market.

If you are interested in what we created to support the change in the energy system and how you can benefit from it, have a look on our website or directly on the CEGH GreenGas Platform.


CEGH GreenHydrogen Index:

In December 2022, CEGH launched the second project to support the energy transition: The CEGH GreenHydrogen Index!

Again, as one of the first players on the gas market, CEGH has started publishing the CEGH GreenHydrogen Index as an index for the production costs of Green Hydrogen in Austria. The Index will serve as a price reference for Green Hydrogen in Austria and in Central Europe.

If you are interested in the different kinds of green hydrogen and further details about the CEGH GreenHydrogen Index, have a look on our website CEGH Greenydrogen Index Specifications or directly on the CEGH GreenHydrogen Index website to see past and current values.

Gottfried Steiner, CEO of CEGH: “2022 was again an extremely challenging year for the Energy Markets and especially the Gas Markets – a year of uncertainties, extremely volatile gas prices and a series of political interventions impacting the industry strongly. Liquidity suffered overall – the CEGH-VTP volume in Austria decreased year-to-year by 15%. However, we were providing in this challenging time a valuable and secure service with the exchange markets of EEX and CEGH which grew by 84% compared to 2021. A big Thank You to our customers for their trust in our services. In 2023, we will continue working on services supporting the energy transition – notably our CEGH GreenGas Platfom and the CEGH Green Hydrogen Index.”



In 2022, a total of 633 TWh were nominated – a remarkable amount in light of the challenges of this year on the energy market.

The average churn rate amounted to 4.0 in 2022 (the churn rate is a measure of liquidity and indicates how often one cubic meter of natural gas is traded before it is finally transferred also physically).

The highest monthly churn rate in 2022 was reached in August 2022 with an amount of 4.7.

By end of 2022, CEGH had 285 registered members, an increase of 22 members compared to the end of 2021.


EEX CEGH Gas Market Austria:

In December, an amount of 30.2 TWh were traded. On the Spot Market, the third-highest volume of 19.2 TWh were traded in December, a plus of 18% compared to the same month in 2021.

The volumes on the EEX CEGH Gas Exchanges increased in 2022 to new record levels, with 425.3 TWh, volumes increased by 84% compared to the previous year.

On the Spot Market 197.3 TWh were traded in 2022 in total. Volumes on the Futures Market in 2022 recorded a volume of 228 TWh, an increase of 132% compared to the year before and a new all-time high on the Futures Market.

The highest CEGHIX in 2022 was reached on 26 August with 312.569 EUR/MWh and the lowest CEGHIX on 1 November 2022 with a value of 31.888 EUR/MWh

The number of Exchange members in Austria increased from 134 to 135 by end of December 2022.


EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market:

December 2022 was also a successful month for the EEX CEGH Czech Market with 3.4 TWh traded, and a volume of 3 TWh on the Spot Market!

In 2022, traded volumes at the Czech Market reached a total of 50.6 TWh, which is an increase of nearly 80% compared to the year before. 34.2 TWh were traded on the Spot Market, an increase of 83% and on the Futures Market the volumes increased by 72% to 16.4 TWh.

The number of members increased within one year from 45 to 53 companies.


Results 2022

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