Monday, 14 December 2020

CEGH launches new App with Market Data Service

Central European Gas Hub, one of the leading market places for natural gas in the CEE region, has launched the CEGH App with a lot of vibrant features for gas traders. Push-notifications and price alerts, triggered by this brand-new app, make sure that traders can always feel the market pulse even when away from their desktops.

Main features of the CEGH App:

  • Daily CEGH VTP nominated volumes directly in the App
  • All EEX CEGH Gas Exchange market data published in near to real time
  • Price alerts for Exchange contracts and CEGHIX
  • Push notification of REMIT publications of insider information published at the CEGH REMIT platform

The CEGH App provides market information on both the CEGH VTP and for the EEX CEGH Gas Exchange markets in Austria and the Czech Republic:

With the CEGH App customers can monitor near to real time prices for EEX CEGH Gas Exchange markets in AT and CZ (best bid/ask, last price, open, high, low and average price of the day). The App can also send price notifications promptly after an according trade was made or a bid/ask order was placed: Just set your price limits (“at or above” and “at or below”) and the CEGH app will alert you during the day once a trade has been concluded at your selected price threshold. You can also specify your personal time slot for notifications.

Another interesting feature is the push-notification of the daily CEGHIX, which the App sends as soon as the CEGHIX has been published at the end of each trading day. Daily nominated volumes at the CEGH VTP are published directly in the CEGH App every next morning.

The App is available for download at Google play and the iOS App store,

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