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CEGH Member Numbers Risen to 319 – a new All-Time-High – in 2023!

  • In 2023, CEGH gained the trust of 34 new members and was counting 319 registered companies by the end of the year!
  • On the CEGH VTP 575.1 TWh were nominated in 2023.
  • 352.9 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Market Austria.
  • 41.31 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market in 2023.


2023 has been another challenging year for the energy industry. The ongoing Russian aggression and the war in Ukraine are having a major impact on all of our lives and have still big consequences for the gas business. This has been particularly evident in the first half of 2023, where traded and nominated volumes have been lower than in the previous period in 2022.

CEGH, which is committed to decarbonizing the gas industry, has connected the CEGH GreenGas Platform to the German DENA register for biogas certificates and also to the Danish Energinet biomethane register. This means that trading in German and Danish certificates is now also possible on the CEGH GreenGas Platform.

Furthermore, the CEGH GreenHydrogen Index was updated and adapted to the changed market conditions in order to remain a reliable benchmark for the pricing of green hydrogen.

Gottfried Steiner, CEO of CEGH: “In 2023, we successfully supported the standardization of biomethane trading in Europe: the extension of the CEGH GreenGas Platform to the Danish and German biomethane markets and the EFET CEGH standard agreement for trading biomethane certificates were important milestones!

In addition, our natural gas markets remained very robust: the Austrian EEX CEGH spot market underlined its benchmark hub position for the entire CEE region. On the CEGH VTP markets, we achieved again an astonishing member growth of more than 10%. Thank you for the trust and the partnership to all our customers!”


Nominated gas volumes at the CEGH VTP in 2023 reached 575.1 TWh.

The average churn rate was 4.22 in 2023 with the highest amount in October where it reached the amount of 5.37 (the churn rate is a measure of liquidity and indicates how many times a MWh of natural gas is traded before it is finally physically transferred).

CEGH had 319 members at the end of December, an astonishing increase of 34 members compared to 2022!


EEX CEGH Austrian Gas Market:

On the EEX CEGH Market Austria a volume 352.9 TWh were traded, of which 183 TWh were traded on the Spot Market and 169.9 TWh on the Futures Market.

The highest CEGHIX in 2023 was reached on 2 January with a value of 76.261 EUR/MWh and the lowest CEGHIX on 2 June with a value of 24.243 EUR/MWh.

At the end of December, 164 members were registered on the Austrian EEX CEGH Gas Market, which is a plus of 29 members compared to 2022!


EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market:

On the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market 41.31 TWh were traded.

The Spot Market traded 24.29 TWh.

Futures Market, the volume traded reached 17.02 TWh in 2023, an increase of 3.8% compared to 2022 and the highest yearly traded Futures volume on this market!

At the end of December, 71 companies were registered on the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market, which is an increase of 18 compared to 2022!


Results Year 2023


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