Monday, 11 December 2023

The EEX CEGH CZ Futures Market achieved its third highest traded volume in history in November 2023, with both futures and overall volumes reaching their peak for this year!

  • 49.12 TWh were nominated on the CEGH VTP in November 2023.
  • 29.09 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Market Austria.
  • 5.32 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market in November.



Nominated gas volumes at the CEGH VTP reached 49.12 TWh in November 2023.

The churn rate was 5.13 (the churn rate is a measure of liquidity and indicates how many times a MWh of natural gas is traded before it is finally physically transferred).

CEGH had 316 members at the end of November.


EEX CEGH Austrian Gas Market:

On the EEX CEGH Market Austria a volume of 29.09 TWh was traded in November.

The EEX CEGH Spot Market recorded a volume of 15.72 TWh.

The Futures Market reached 13.37 TWh.

At the end of November, 163 members were registered on the Austrian EEX CEGH Gas Market.


EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market:

On the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market 5.33 TWh were traded, an increase of 31.9% compared to last month!

The Spot Market traded 2.33 TWh.

On the Futures Market, the volume was 3.01 TWh, which is an astonishing increase of 127.5% compared to October 2023!

At the end of November, 71 companies were registered on the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market.


Results November 2023

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