Thursday, 23 March 2023

CEGH GreenGas Platform expands to Germany offering Trading and Marketing of German Biomethane Certificates

  • CEGH offers trading of biomethane certificates in the German Market on the CEGH GreenGas Platform

  • Cooperation partner Landwärme, the leading biomethane trading company in Germany, offers liquidity on the CEGH GreenGas Platform to kick-start the German biomethane market

  • CEGH GreenGas Platform now connected with the DENA Biomethane Register


CEGH and Landwärme are cooperating on the German biomethane market. With the support of German biomethane trader Landwärme, CEGH’s GreenGas Platform has successfully connected with Germany’s DENA biomethane register and is offering trading and marketing of biomethane certificates of German origin. This integration was strongly supported by Landwärme and will allow for more efficient and transparent marketing and trading of green gases and certificates in Germany.

CEGH, a company of OMV group with Vienna Stock Exchange and the Slovakian gas grid operator Eustream as other owners, is the largest gas trading place in Central and Eastern Europe with a total trading volume of 633 TWh in 2022 – eight times Austria’s annual gas consumption. The CEGH GreenGas Platform will be the first platform to support the decarbonization of the gas markets by trading of Green Gases. As part of the OMV Group, CEGH is thus making an important contribution towards the sustainability of the energy system in line with the new OMV strategy.

Berislav Gašo, Member of the Executive Board of OMV AG: “The CEGH GreenGas platform is an innovative step in our commitment towards a more sustainable energy future. We are proud to support the growth of biomethane in the overall energy mix with the simplification of trading and marketing of biomethane at the CEGH GreenGas Platform, which has now expanded to the German market. At OMV, we remain committed to investing in innovative solutions and technologies that promote sustainability and help us achieve our climate goals.”

Erich Holzer, Chairman of the CEGH supervisory board and Senior Vice President of the OMV Value Center Gas: “CEGH made already in April 2022 an important step towards a future decarbonized energy system with the launch of its CEGH GreenGas Platform. The implementation of the German DENA registry to the CEGH GreenGas Platform is another crucial strategic step to enable biomethane trading across borders. CEGH is – again – positioning itself as the energy trading place of the future.”

Máté Fuchsz, Teamlead Business Development Europe at Landwärme comments: “We are thrilled that trading across borders has now been simplified for the Austrian and the German market. By supporting the CEGH initiative, we have taken another step toward a united European green gas market and joined European efforts towards climate neutrality.”

Gottfried Steiner, CEO of CEGH: “We are very proud that we can – together with our cooperation partner Landwärme – offer trading and marketing of biomethane of German origin on the CEGH GreenGas Platform. With the connection of the German DENA registry to the CEGH GreenGas Platform, it is now possible to buy or sell biomethane registered at DENA. Thanks to Landwärme and DENA, the German biomethane registry, we are sure that the German biomethane market will benefit through increased liquidity and that biomethane will become an important energy source in the near future!”

CEGH expands the CEGH GreenGas Platform to Germany according to its mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions and creating a more liquid biomethane market. With the integration of the DENA register, traders and producers in Germany will now be able to market biomethane certificates – bundle or DENA certificates only – on the CEGH GreenGas Platform.

CEGH launched, as one of the first players on the gas market, the CEGH GreenGas Platform in April 2022. It is the first platform to support the decarbonization of the gas markets by providing trading possibilities for Green Gases. It will be a marketplace for biogas supply and demand as well as for green hydrogen, once green hydrogen becomes available on the market.

f you are interested in what we created to support the change in the energy system and how you can benefit from it, have a look on our website or directly on the CEGH GreenGas Platform.

This integration is just one of many steps we are taking to support the transition to a more sustainable energy future.


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