Wednesday, 06. September 2023

52.21 TWh were nominated on the CEGH VTP!

Friday, 11. August 2023

CEGH has grown to 302 members in July 2023

Wednesday, 12. July 2023

CEGH welcomed its 300th Member in June 2023!

Tuesday, 13. June 2023

CEGH VTP Volumes Increase by 18.5% in May Compared to April 2023. 

Friday, 12. May 2023

CEGH trading point gained 25 new members by end of April 2023 

Friday, 14. April 2023

30.82 TWh were traded on the Austrian EEX CEGH Market in March 2023

Thursday, 23. March 2023

CEGH GreenGas Platform Expands to Germany Offering Trading and Marketing of German Biomethane Certificates

Monday, 13. March 2023

32.56 TWh were traded on the Austrian EEX CEGH Market in February 2023 – that’s a plus of 31% compared to the same month in 2022!

Thursday, 09. February 2023

EEX CEGH Market Austria has a Traded Volume of 40.81 TWh and the 3rd Best Result in its History! 

Friday, 13. January 2023

2022 with new record volumes at the EEX CEGH Gas Exchangein AT and CZ

Monday, 12. December 2022

43.8 TWh Were Traded on the Austrian EEX CEGH Market in November, the Second-Best Result in its History!

Wednesday, 16. November 2022

A record volume of 21.2 TWh were traded on the Austrian EEX CEGH Spot Market in October! 

Thursday, 13. October 2022

18.9 TWh were traded on the Austrian EEX CEGH Spot Market in September, that’s the highest amount in its history! 

Friday, 09. September 2022

Austrian and Czech EEX CEGH Markets increased by 101% and 91% in August!  

Wednesday, 10. August 2022

37.7 TWh were traded at the EEX CEGH Austrian Gas Market in July 2022, the second-highest volume in its history!   

Wednesday, 13. July 2022

5.7 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Czech Gas Market, that’s the best result in the Czech History!

Monday, 13. June 2022

35.4 TWh were traded on the EEX CEGH Exchange Austria, that’s the second-best result in the History of this Market!

Monday, 09. May 2022

The Czech EEX CEGH Exchange Market had its Second-Best Result with 4.65 TWh Traded Volume

Friday, 08. April 2022

More than 3 times the Volumes of March 2021 were traded at the EEX CEGH Exchange Austria!

Tuesday, 05. April 2022

“CEGH GreenGas Platform” for Trading and Marketing of Biogas and Hydrogen 

Tuesday, 08. March 2022

EEX CEGH Austrian Market almost doubled in February compared to 2021.

Thursday, 10. February 2022

EEX CEGH Futures Market nearly doubled, while the EEX CEGH Czech Futures Market nearly tripled!

Thursday, 13. January 2022

2021 with new record volumes at the EEX CEGH Exchanges AT and CZ!

Monday, 11. January 2021

CEGH with all-time high in Austria and Czech Republic in 2020!

Monday, 14. December 2020

CEGH launches new App with Market Data Service

Monday, 06. July 2020

TAG GmbH’s Fuel Gas Purchase e-Tender

Thursday, 09. January 2020

Strong Growth of CEGH Markets in 2019: CEGH-VTP volumes up by 14%, PEGAS CEGH Gas Market up by 23%! 

Monday, 08. July 2019

TAG GmbH’s Fuel Gas Purchase e-Tender – GY 2019-2020

Monday, 25. February 2019

Record weekend at CEGH!

Tuesday, 08. January 2019

CEGH-VTP volumes increased by 6% in 2018, PEGAS CEGH Market 50% up in 2018

Thursday, 20. December 2018

CEGH and Bulgartransgaz sign MoU for the development of the Balkan Gas Hub

Monday, 08. January 2018

CEGH VTP volumes increased by 17 % in 2017, PEGAS CEGH Market almost tripled in 2017

Monday, 16. January 2017

CEGH: OTC volumes increased by 11% in 2016, Exchange traded gas volumes increased by 23%

Thursday, 01. December 2016

PEGAS: Austrian CEGH Exchange products successfully launched

Thursday, 04. August 2016

PEGAS-CEGH cooperation approved by competition authorities

Monday, 20. June 2016

CEGH to join PEGAS platform

Monday, 11. January 2016

CEGH: Exchange traded gas volumes in 2015 increased by 25%

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