As an additional service, CEGH is offering a web-based platform for the publication of inside information. This gives traders an easy tool to publish inside information free of charge in an effective and timely manner, according to the EU REMIT regulations.

REMIT stands for Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency and is an EU initiative for more transparency on the gas market. REMIT Article 4 requires from market participants to publish inside information in an effective and timely manner. Otherwise, trading restrictions may apply and traders may be liable to prosecution.

The CEGH REMIT platform is a project supported and recommended by the Austrian energy regulator “Energie-Control Austria (E-Control)” and incorporating the latest ACER requirements.

Registration at and use of the platform is free of charge.

All market participants can publish information after registration. Non-registered customers have read-only access to the CEGH REMIT platform, allowing them to gather information.

The ambition is to support an efficient and transparent energy market and to offer market participants a central platform to publish and find inside information regarding natural gas in Central and Eastern Europe in an effective manner.

The goal of CEGH is to provide this REMIT Platform in Europe as a central place for insider information and to create a service that benefits market participants.


Find all information regarding CEGH’s central REMIT platform


REMIT Platform

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