CEGH Gas Storage Marketing Platform


  • Due to the increased importance of gas storage for the Security of Supply in Austria, CEGH is extending its existing Gas Storage Marketing Platform services.
  • Due to the recent changes in legislation, industrial customers can secure their gas supply by using gas storage for up to 50% of their annual domestic consumption.  
  • Now, companies such as e.g. industrial customers or suppliers can directly post a request for storage capacities and purchase storage capacities via the CEGH platform. Additionally, they can allow platform users to post a counter offer if they are not sure whether their request can be fulfilled with existing products. 
  • This is an important instrument for securing the supply in case of an emergency or supply disruption, and an innovative addition to the existing functionalities for the marketing of primary and secondary gas storage capacities.

This new CEGH offering is a powerful tool to request or offer storage capacities from / to all gas market participants – not only from storage operators, but also from secondary capacity holders.

To assist industrial customers, CEGH has also implemented additional functionalities. The following types of requests can be published on the platform:

  • Gas in storage request (not only storage capacity)
  • Handling services for storage capacity (“Balance Group Service”)
  • Companies wishing to publish any type of offer or request must indicate this during the registration process to enable the functionality.
  • Already registered companies, who would also like to publish offers or requests, please contact CEGH directly to have that functionality activated.

With this new service, CEGH wants to support the market and industry in very challenging times. Requests for storage capacity and gas in storage can be published free of charge, until further notice. Please note that this fee waiver does not apply for the sale / marketing offers of storage capacities / gas in storage on the platform.


CEGH is offering a Gas Storage Marketing Platform to Gas Storage Operators and customers with storage capacity for marketing of their capacities (primary and secondary).
Gas Storage Operators and their customers can publish their free capacities and customers interested in storage can place their offers via the CEGH Gas Storage Marketing Platform.
The allocation of the capacity is done by the Gas Storage Operators or the company who created the offer.


Storage Operators and Customers with storage capacity:

They can publish free capacity with a detailed description (including document upload) of the offered storage product as well as date and time for the placement of offers or until further notice with the option to allow counter offers.
They collect the offers of registered customers participating via CEGH Gas Storage Marketing Platform in the member area.
The storage operators or the customers with storage capacity then conclude the contract.


Customers/Platform Users:

They can register for publication alerts: they then receive an email when a new offer has been placed at the platform by a storage operator.
To submit offers on the platform, they need to register.
The service is free of charge for customers.



  • One platform with easy market access to all market participants
  • Easy participation for every interested company
  • Reliable, trust-worthy and well-known partner CEGH
  • Free of charge for customers participating in offers.

For further information or to register, please visit our platform Gas Storage Marketing Platform

or get in touch with us via Tel: +43 1 270270028520 or E-mail:

CEGH Gas Storage Marketing Platform

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