VTP Market

Fee Overview CEGH VTP Market

Fee model by 1 April 2024
One-off CEGH VTP registration fee € 1,220.68
Flat title transfer service fee (only in months with trading, incl. 21,900 MWh free trading volume per month active) € p.m. 1,220.68


Variable title transfer service fee
MWh 0 – 10,000,000.000* €/MWh 0.01221
MWh > 10,000,000.000* €/MWh 0.00611

*) of total aggregated volume during each full 12 month period


Indexation of CEGH Hub Fees 01/2023 – 01/2024, applies as of 1 April 2024: Appendix C (Version 2024).

Appendix C of the CEGH General Terms and Conditions

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