Hub Services

The VTP Market Central European Gas Hub offers different services for customers

  • Title Transfer Service
  • Publication of tendering documents for TSOs
  • Immediate reporting of certain mismatches
  • 24/7 customer care in any respect to the Austrian market model
  • Individual operational services on request


Please find more operational details under the following links

Nomination formats & EIC code information


Title Transfer Service

This service manages the transfer of title to gas quantities between different parties at the CEGH VTP. Besides the title tracking, CEGH handles the necessary trade nominations of the trader, its supplier(s) and customer(s), performs the corresponding matching procedures as well as the monitoring and reporting of the related gas quantities. As an add-on service, mismatch reports are generated and sent to the respective customer in due time to give it the chance to react on, instead of curtailing its deals immediately.

All customers are allowed to change nominations with lead times of 1 hour. Confirmation is submitted to all customers after the matching process.

Mismatch Service

Companies that are not matched at a certain time for day ahead receive information about potential mismatches. These messages are sent hourly from 5 pm till 12 am (CET).

If your company receive no message at the given times, all nominated deals have been matched. For any intraday mismatch the respective mismatch notice will be sent as required.

Customized Dispatching Service

CEGH provides customized 24/7 dispatching services concerning trading, transport and storage activities. Each service is tailor-made and is based on the customer's requirements.

Nomination Service

CEGH offers a “Nomination Service” enabling customers without 24/7 operations to keep orders in the order book of the CEGH Gas Exchange Within-Day Market also during night hours. If a trade on the Within-Day Market is to be executed during night, CEGH will nominate the respective volumes on behalf of the customer to any System Operator (for example entry/exit of storage), or CEGH can adapt VTP-trades with counterparties on a predefined basis.